sunflower rocket

by sunflower rocket

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recorded on a couch and in a bedroom
on cassette and microcassette


released December 2, 2012

written and performed by sunflower rocket
claps, tambourine, ukulele, and double exposure by shy guy



all rights reserved


sunflower rocket El Cerrito, California

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Track Name: egg whites
house of cards
is on the line
if they tumble down it's fine
it'd save me some fucking time

egg whites
up in the sky
man that yolk is centered high
ay ay ay
Track Name: watching over you
you're falling down the stairs
i'm drunk and i don't care
i'm sorry i don't care, golly gee

the end's not coming yet
'cause i'm not coming down
you're prying off my crown, mercy me

but if you could find
the ailments in my mind
then i wouldn't be so fucked at all

i'm naked in the sea
you're washing over me
i'm watching over you
whatever you do
Track Name: magnetic drift
drunk and cozy in your room
i needed something new
i used to think of all the things
that i could do without you

but now i'm blacked out on the floor
this air duster can's about through
i can't believe i thought there was
anything to do without you

your blanket's in my mind
pour cough syrup in my eyes
but your clothes aren't in my car
the sun will rise

we're just a pair of animals
that much i know is true
and still i can't deny it
there's nothing i can do without you

i broke the bedpost in your room
you fucked me over too
so sorry for the trouble
but there's nothing i can do without you
Track Name: everlasting sunshine
somewhere in my mind
behind my face
beneath my shoes

i will find myself
beside the light
inside your room

we won't make a
sound together
cradled by the sheets

we just lay and
sleep forever
only you and me